By the Light of the Silvery Moon

  • By the Light of the Silvery Moon

Komedie / Hudební / Romantický
USA, 1953, 101 min.

  • Režie:

    David Butler

  • Scénář:

    Robert O'Brien / Irving Elinson / Booth Tarkington

  • Studio:

    Warner Bros.

Hrají: Jack Kenney, Philo McCullough, Jack Mower, Geraldine Wall, Harry Tyler, Leon Ames, Doris Day, James Gonzalez, Lucille Curtis, Ed Hinton, Gordon MacRae, Rosemary DeCamp, Billy Gray, Mary Wickes, Russell Arms, Maria Palmer, Howard Wendell, Walter 'PeeWee' Flannery, Meredith MacRae, Clay Bennett, William Boyett, Tom Coleman, John Davis, Carol Forman, Richard Fortune, Sol Gorss, Merv Griffin, Gayle Kellogg, Fred Kelsey, John Maxwell, Howard Price, Florence Ravenel, Minerva Urecal

  • 70%


  • 7


Sequel to On Moonlight Bay. The trials and tribulations of the Winfield family in small town Indiana as Marjorie Winfield's boyfriend, William Sherman, returns from the Army after W.W.I. Bill & Marjorie's on-again, off-again provide the backdrop for other family issues, primarily brought on by little brother Wesley's overactive imagination and tall tales

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