Lullaby of Broadway

  • Lullaby of Broadway

Hudební / Romantický
USA, 1951, 92 min.

  • Režie:

    David Butler

  • Scénář:

    Earl Baldwin

  • Studio:

    Warner Bros.

Hrají: Shep Houghton, Franklyn Farnum, Elizabeth Flournoy, Bess Flowers, Ray Heindorf, Philo McCullough, Harold Miller, Jack Mower, Barry Norton, Charles Williams, Larry Steers, James Conaty, Doris Day, Donald Kerr, Mike Lally, Charles Marsh, Edith Leslie, Suzanne Ridgway, Jimmy Lloyd, Jeffrey Sayre, Billy De Wolfe, William J. O'Brien, Jimmy Aubrey, Brooks Benedict, S.Z. Sakall, Paul McGuire, Gene Nelson, Gladys George, Florence Bates, Anne Triola, Hanley Stafford, Page Cavanaugh Trio, Carlo De Mattiazzi, Constance De Mattiazzi, Murray Alper, Herschel Daugherty, Carl Harbaugh, Hans Herbert, Sheldon Jett, John Milton Kennedy, Arlyn Roberts, Gerald Oliver Smith

  • 68%


  • 6.8


Pretty Melinda Howard has been abroad singing with a musical troupe. She decides to return home to surprise her mother whom she thinks is a successful Broadway star with a mansion in Manhattan. She doesn't know that her mother is actually a burnt-out cabaret singer with a love for whiskey. When she arrives at the mansion, she is taken in by the two servants who are friends of her mother's The house actually belongs to Adolph Hubbell, a kind-hearted Broadway producer who also gets drawn into the charade. Hubbell takes a shine to Melinda and agrees to star her in his next show. Melinda also finds romance with a handsome hoofer who's also in the show. All is going well for Melinda except that she wants to see her mother who keeps putting off their reunion.

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